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The first step to buying your new home is getting per-qualified with a dependable lender.
Your mortgage lender will want to know a lot about you before approving your loan application, and justifiably so; they and their underwriters want to be assured that you meet their minimum level of creditworthiness before lending you money.

Here are the general areas of questioning you can expect from a lender: 

1. Employment and income 
2. Outstanding debts 
3. Cash reserves and assets 
4. Down payment 
5. Loan purpose 
6. Property use 
7. Property type

Here are the 10 key questions to ask at application time to help you find the best overall mortgage loan. If you have already selected a lender and are ready to apply, make sure you have the answers to these questions first.

1. What is the interest rate on this mortgage? 
2. How many discount and origination points will I pay? 
3. What are the closing costs? 
4. When can I lock the interest rate and what will it cost me to do so? 
5. Is there a prepayment penalty on this loan? 
6. What is the minimum down payment required for this loan? 
7. What are the qualifying guidelines for this loan? 
8. What documents will I have to provide? 
9. How long will it take to process my loan application? 
10. What might delay approval of my loan?

Once you've narrowed the lender field to a short list of finalists, it's time to compare their offers.

Here are some of our Preferred Lenders to get you started:

Juan Robles, NMLS ID 256202
Juan Robles, NMLS ID 256202
Academy Mortgage Corporation 3333 Concours Bl 1 Ste 1100 Ontario, CA 91764 909-944-3535 909-771-6369 Direct 866-596-3091 E-Fax NMLS ID: CA-Doc 256202 Corporate NMLS: 3113 Branch License: 817088 Branch ID: 23601

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